Is Lianox legit?


  1. Lianox was founded in 2017.
  2. We are a registered German business.
  3. We have served tens of thousands of customers around the world.
  4. We serve thousands of customers every month.
  5. Since 2017, we have been visited millions of times.
  6. Before transitioning from K-Pop to Asian Fashion, we were one of the largest K-Pop merch stores in the world.
  7. If you don't like an item you received, you can return it to our offices in Europe.
  8. We ship all orders from a Chinese warehouse. Shipping from Japan or Korea would cost $50-60 for each order, when shipping from China only costs $5-10. This is how we can offer free shipping.
  9. We work with many manufacturers as well as Asian fashion brands.


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