Lianox was founded in 2017 to make shopping for Asian things worldwide easier. We fell in love with Asian Fashion due to its unique diversity in aesthetics – it allowed us to express ourselves in the exact way we wanted to. That’s why we wanted to bring it worldwide. Over the years we have grown quite a lot – but our mission remains the same. We want everyone to have access to affordable, high-quality fashion as worn on the streets of Seoul, Tokyo & Beijing. Our company and main offices are located in Germany, with a warehouse in the logistics and manufacturing capital of the world, China. We offer you quick and friendly customer support and an easy return process. Welcome to Lianox!





We know from experience how frustrating it can be to order Asian fashion when living outside of Asia. Expensive shipping, dishonest companies, meh customer support and mediocre quality.. We started Lianox in 2017 to change all that and make a modern Asian fashion store you can trust.

Whether you love K-Pop, Anime, Asian Culture or you're Asian and living outside of Asia, with us shopping for Asian fashion is easy. Our images are accurate, shipping is free and our customer support team is there for you to make sure that your package arrives with no issues! 

In 2017, Lianox started out selling K-Pop merchandise. We quickly grew to be one of the largest K-Pop merchandise stores worldwide. We have been visited millions of times, making shopping for K-Pop merch easy and enjoyable for tens of thousands of customers across all continents.
As we continued to grow and our team began to expand, we decided to shift our focus from K-Pop items to K-Fashion and soon included general Asian fashion, too. Whenever we visited Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and other cities around Asia, one thing stood out to us about the Koreans as well as the Japanese and Chinese: How nice they dressed. There is nothing like Asian Fashion! Its versatile style encompasses many fashion genres inside it. That makes it so unique.
Our team consists of longtime professionals who scout fashion trends off the streets around Asia. Fashion in Asian media, in their music and movie/drama industry, inspire us. We then source and ship these items directly from Asia straight to your door. Shipping is free, worldwide, no matter where you are located.
We make sure to choose only top products for our website. We aim to keep Lianox simple and free from clutter, so that YOU have a nice experience while shopping for Asian Fashion. 💜
Why? Because Lianox is for you. If you have any feedback, suggestions or wishes what you would like to see on this website, do not hesitate to contact us! Our employees will be right there for you.
Even though all our products are directly from Asia, our customer support is based in Europe and completely fluent in English. Worry not, there will be no language barrier issues.
You can always contact us using our email contact form (hello@lianox.com) :)
We are happy that you found your way here and would love to have you as a part of the Lianox family~