Why Is Korean Fashion So Popular? 🤔 The REAL Reason K-Fashion Is Booming

Have you ever wondered, like really wondered... because, let's be honest, it really seems more like a fact than personal opinion ... How come that people on the Southern part of the Korean peninsula always have such remarkable fashion style? Why do Koreans look so good? ヽ(°〇°)ノ 

Find out here and learn why Korean Fashion is so popular and how to dress yourself in fashionable Korean style with Lianox products~ ♥

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Why is Korean Fashion so popular? Simple: Because it looks great.

Describing Korean Fashion feels kind of impossible since it encompasses many styles into one: It is generally street wear, but more minimalistic, it isn't formal wear, still, this style usually has a slight touch of elegance to it, and maybe even a little vintage style sprinkled on top. 

If you have ever been to South Korea, specifically Seoul, you might have noticed that -- in comparison to the US for example -- it is unheard of to go out without being dressed up. Gym wear for going shopping? Absolutely not. Leggings and a crop top for a date? Nope! No make-up days? Nah, not really a thing either.

Why that is? South Korea places a lot of value on looks.

And dressing well is a part of that! After the Korean War in the 1950s, South Korea's economy boomed and that led to a better lifestyle for its people, including a big culture around beauty and fashion. As you probably know, Korean Beauty products are also well-known around the globe~ Marketing-wise, fashion and beauty are always in the public eye as well, with many K-Pop idols showcasing the newest styles at the airport or in their MVs, and popular K-Actors and -Actresses from recent dramas being casted for ads.

Because marketing is everything!

South Korea's capital Seoul houses over half the country's population with over 10 million people living there. Koreans living in the big city are constantly surrounded by the newest fashion and beauty trends, and therefore automatically will place importance onto following these trends and fulfilling the South Korean beauty ideals portrayed in K-Pop and K-Drama. 

So. Now you want to dress in Korean style?

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Need more inspiration for outfit ideas? Here are some cute fits for everyday looks for you to rock a Korean Fashion style:

Comfy-chic, perfect for spring. 🌼
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 Basic Ribbed Turtleneck Sweatshirt (19.99€), Vest: Button-Down Knit Vest (19.99€), Pants: Formal Pants With Belt (29.99€)


Chill and sophisticated~ 📚
Top: Striped Tee With Large Sleeves (19.99€), Skirt: Denim Skirt With Hem Split (19.99€), Glasses: Round Frame Glasses (9.99€)

Sweater weather with a cute A-line skirt.
Top: High Neck Sweater With Plaid Pattern (29.99€) Skirt: Buttoned High-Waist Skirt (29.99€)

Casual comfy wear with loose high waist denims, always a hit!
Top: Structured Longsleeve Shirt With Buttons (29.99€), Pants: Pants With Relaxed High Waist Fit (24.99€)

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Browse all Korean Fashion items on Lianox now!

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