Our Favorite Cardigans in December 2020 💕

Can anyone go through Fall and Winter 2020 without a cozy knit cardigan?! Didn't think so. Cardigans are so versatile and great. And they give exactly the comfort we need during the colder seasons!

Need some inspiration on how to style them? Look no further, we got you!

Here's a list of our top 3 cardigans from Lianox.com, including other items that go well with them.
3, 2, 1, outfit inspiration, go! 

🥉 3. Cardigan with Pearl Buttons

🏷️ 29.99EUR / ~36USD

This cardigan with its double buttons is simply beautiful, perfect to wear over dresses or retro high waist skirts to further accentuate elegant vintage vibes. Available in other colors too!

🌸 Pieces that might go well with it for outfit inspiration:

Stretchy Turtleneck Sweater with Frilled Detail
🏷️ 19.99EUR / ~24USD

Beautiful match! Simple white turtleneck with frilled neckline and cuffs, versatile & cute.

Casual Black Shorts
🏷️ 19.99EUR / ~24USD

Shorts + tights=♥! Can't go wrong with these casual high waist shorts~

Pearl Hair Rope *SOLD OUT
🏷️ 5.99EUR / ~7USD

This hair rope seems to be made for this cardigan. Available in other colors as well if you want to tone down on the pink!

🥈 2. Knit Turtleneck Cardigan with Lantern Sleeves

🏷️ 34.99EUR / ~43USD

We l o v e this simple yet unique cardi. The high neck closure gives you many options to change up your fit, and the trendy lantern sleeves round up the rest. This piece is also available in dark blue and beige.

🌸 Pieces that might go well with it for outfit inspiration:

Striped T-Shirt with Half Sleeves
🏷️ 15.99EUR / ~20USD

For a casual-comfy street style, combine the cardigan with a simple striped tee. We have many of these in different colors!

Straight High Waist Jeans
🏷️ 24.99EUR / ~30USD

Classic ankle-length high waist denims are a staple in every wardrobe. Super cool for looks where you want to tuck in your top and show off your belt.

Faux Leather Belt with Heart Buckle + Pendant
🏷️ 5.99EUR / ~7USD

One of our topseller belts. Gives every outfit a plus one in cuteness! If you do not like cutie vibes, how about a chain instead?

🥇 1. Knit Sheep Cardigan
🏷️ 32.99EUR / ~40USD

Lianox' topseller! You guys love the sheep cardigan and frequently give it 5 star reviews. We like to combine pieces from the "kawaii"-category with unique blouses, see for yourself!

🌸 Pieces that might go well with it for outfit inspiration:

Bow Tie Chiffon Blouse
🏷️ 19.99EUR / ~24USD

Bow tie blouses are so trendy right now~ Combined with cozy cardigans, they make you look perfectly put together and give you a hint of elegance in an instant.

School Uniform Style Skirt
🏷️ 19.99EUR / ~24USD

Why a white skirt when you already have a white blouse...? Why not! Monochrome looks rock. Not for you? Go and put on your favorite denims instead~

Frilled Socks
🏷️ 6.99EUR / ~8USD

Last but not least: Socks! Never underestimate the power of fashionable socks to level up your outfit, especially when you are wearing a skirt, shorts or ankle-length pants. Instead of white, you could also add a pop of color by going with pink!

Which cardigan is your favorite? How would you style it? Let us know in the comments~

🏆 Some honorable mentions:
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