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Are you someone who loves K-Pop dances? Have you ever played a K-Pop random dance challenge game on YouTube? Then you might have stumbled upon William, also known as flowtaee, who creates K-Pop random dance challenges of our favorite K-Pop songs and performances!
flowtaee is actually a rather new creator in the YouTube scene of interactive K-Pop videos, but here's the thing: Only in a couple of months, William has gathered more than 80.000 subscribers! His videos are known to be high quality, covering a large amount of different K-Pop artists. If you're into K-Pop dances, subscribing to flowtaee is a must~
He is also quite active on Instagram where he gets much love from his fanbase. ^_^

Meet William, and get to know him more!

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Please introduce yourself!

William: Hi guys, my name is William, but maybe you know me as flowtaee. I'm a 17 years old YouTuber and passionate K-Pop fanboy! I'm half French and Half Chinese/Vietnamese.

What kind of videos are you creating on your channel? 

William: My channel is all about K-Pop and me, I mainly do K-Pop random dances. Thank you for always supporting my work!

How and when did you start with YouTube? 

William: You will never believe me. I started YouTube only five months ago and got to 60.000 subscrbers in this period. This is unimaginable and so incredible! I started out with a little K-Pop random dance challenge, and I really didn't expect that a lot of people will like it... Now some of my random dances get a million views. I post videos for fun and when I think it is a good moment to post. I like to be close with my subscribers!

How and when did you get into K-Pop?

William: This is a really good question. A little over a year ago, "Save me" by BTS radically changed my whole life. Before, I was like "K-Pop is bad, they are all the same"... One week after listening to "Save me", I knew all the BTS members, haha :D

Who's your ultimate bias and why?

William: I have 3 ultimate biases. Ever since the beginning, I have liked Bambam of GOT7, and I met him one month ago. He shook my hand and wore my crown saying "BamBam, King of Dab", I still cannot believe it! My second bias is Lucas of NCT, he came and wrecked my whole bias list this year. And of course Taehyhung from BTS, my first love. ♥

What are your favorite K-Pop groups and songs recently?

William: My favorite groups are BTS, GOT7, and NCT. I love Twice and Wanna One so much too, and I'm also excited for EXO's comeback. I'm a multifandom fanboy :') Currently, "Boss" by NCT U is my favorite song.

If you could choose to look like any female or male idol, who would you like to look like?

William: People say that I look like Lucas or Taehyung. Honestly, I would love to! What do you think?

What would you like to tell all K-Pop fans worldwide?

William: Be yourself and enjoy K-Pop. Last thing: Thanks to Lianox! ♥

William's hard work is greatly appreciated by us, and all fans watching his videos. Check out William's channel flowtaee, and dance the night away! (Yep, we just planted a song in your head, again. You're welcome :P)

If you want to support William even more, use his code FLOWTAEE at checkout to get 10% off! He benefits from every purchase made with this code.

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July 21, 2018


Catherine Huynh

Catherine Huynh said:

One of my favorite YouTubers!💜

lyric :)

lyric :) said:

i’ve always loved william’s videos from the start, i’m very proud of where he is rn!!! congrat bud

Kaya Priest

Kaya Priest said:

I live for your videos! However, I would absolutely love to see you complete one of the random dance challenges!! Being a multi fandom is hard, and your videos keep me up to date! There’s also nothing like coming home from school or work and jamming out to old and new hits. Thank you so much!

Kaya Priest

Kaya Priest said:

I live for your videos! It is so much fun to come back from school or work and just jam out to old and new hits. It also keeps me up to date with new releases (its hard being a multi-fandom). You post so many random dance challenges, but I honestly want to see you complete one! PLEASE post a dance video😊

Evelyn Erdbeer

Evelyn Erdbeer said:

Well, random dance challenges are fun to do and anyone enjoys them. If your not doing them in a group of people (always fun to do;)), they as well( me personally) help to destress after a long and hard day. Just to get your head empty and have some fun.
@William: Your videos are just amazing! You never really know what comes next.

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