K-Pop Fashion On A Budget

You love K-Pop and desperately want to dress like your idols? Look no further! In this blog post, we are going to recreate some K-Pop looks and show you how you can shop affordable fashion pieces which you can use to rock the K-Pop look! ✨

Shop K-Pop Fashion On A Budget On Lianox.com!

Generally, K-Pop fashion can be incredibly different, not only from group to group, but also from era to era. Do you remember Red Velvet's Ice Cream Cake era where everyone had blonde hair and dressed in very bubbly and pastel-colored outfits? Compare that to Bad Boy era where the members dressed dark, sexy and mysterious -- the difference is night and day!

Shop K-Pop Fashion On A Budget On Lianox.com!

Shop skirts like Red Velvet wears in Ice Cream Cake MV on Lianox~! \^o^/
School Uniform Style Skirt 🏷️ 19.99€


Therefore, you will first need to decide what kind of look you are going for!
On Lianox, you can shop by aesthetic, so you will only be shown items that fit a specific style.

🎀 Cute & Colorful 🎀 Click to shop this section!
This section hosts a lot of J-Fashion kawaii styles including a lot of colorful pieces with prints, that would typically be seen in bubbly youth-themed MV concepts, such as Red Velvet's Ice Cream Cake that we already mentioned, Girls Generation's Gee or Twice's Knock Knock.

🚋 Casual & Comfy-Cool 🚋 Click to shop this section!
Almost all outfits contain a piece that would be considered casual or streetwear on its own. All the basic clothes, like unicolored tees or turtlenecks can be found in here! Also, this is the collection for all you lovers of oversized hoodies, maximum comfy vibes :3 ♥

Shop K-Pop Fashion On A Budget On Lianox.com!

Nayeon's style in Twice's Knock Knock would be considered a mix of cute & casual. Wanna copy Nayeon's style? ^_^
Click on the product name or the picture to shop it on Lianox!~
Knitted Turtleneck Longsleeve With Zip Ring 🏷️ 24.99€

Simple Pleated School Girl Skirt 🏷️ 19.99€

Striped Over Knee Stockings 🏷️ 9.99€

🖤 Unique & Edgy
 🖤 Click to shop this section!
What people commonly refer to as K-Pop fashion would probably be the unique pieces that you can find in this collection! Our baddie collection encompasses many different style genres, such as Punk or Goth style. Here you can find all sorts of eyecatching products~

Shop K-Pop Fashion On A Budget On Lianox.com!

The BlackPink members are rocking a dazzling combination of unique street wear fashion with punky accents, giving them the signature K-Pop look! 

Get Lisa's skirt!
Plaid High Waist Skirt with Suspenders 🏷️ 29.99€

Or get jeans like Jennie ♥
Full Length Wide-Leg Denim Pants🏷️ 29.99€

Cool belt with chain to go along with it~
Rivet Belt 🏷️ 12.99€

To complete the look, you can just use a cropped sweater. We suggest this top to be extra baddie! 😍
Cropped Longsleeve With Chest Cut-Out 🏷️ 19.99€

Here are some more unique pieces that fit the K-Pop aesthetic! These are our bestsellers from the K-Pop aesthetic collection. Click on the picture to shop \o/

We hope you have blast when shopping K-Pop fashion! Even if you're on a budget, Lianox is here for you to get your K-Pop on! ✨

Shop K-Pop Fashion On A Budget On Lianox.com!

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