Flower Power! Our Favorite Floral Dresses For Summer 2021 🌼🌷

Hands down: Cute floral dresses are a must-have for the warmer days of the year! 🌼
They are comfortable to wear, beautiful, can be dressed up or down easily, and generally do not require a lot of accessoires since the colorful patterns do most of the work for you~
Here are our favorite Asian Fashion dresses on Lianox.com for the summer of 2021! 

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Floral Chiffon Dress With Neckholder
🏷️ 31.99€

This brand new chiffon dress has stolen our hearts~ Super cute off-the-shoulder design with lovely neckholder, plus flattering A-line cut. Perfect pick for spring and summer! ^_^

Spaghetti Strap Dress With Floral Print
🏷️ 19.99€

This floral spaghetti strap dress is the perfect staple :3 You can easily wear it on its own, perhaps with a cute cardigan on top -- with a basic tee underneath for the trendy layered look, or even with a turtleneck for colder days~ It's available in 3 beautiful colors too, choose one that best matches your style and color palette!

Floral Dress With Lace Neckline And Puff Sleeves
🏷️ 39.99€

How about some cottage core vibes? ٩(◕‿◕)۶ This dress is simply stunning with its beautiful dainty lace neckline, puff sleeves, and cutesie buttons. So dreamy~ You can get it in a classic beige color or in a sky blue shade.


Longsleeved Chiffon Dress With Floral Print
🏷️ 19.99€

Loose-fitting midi dresses are super trendy in South Korea and Japan, and easy to wear! 
Our floral chiffon dress with long sleeves is the perfect pick for a casual day or night out~ With the right accessories and shoes, it's also perfect for working in an office ^_^ 

On Lianox, we have a great variety of floral dresses from Korea, Japan, and China. Find your perfect match for summer 2021 now! 🌼🌷
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