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Pandemic Information

We are updating this page regularly with new information! 

Last update: Feb 16th, 2021:


Update from Feb 16th:

We do not currently expect major delays with delivery for orders placed after Feb 16th, but minor delays may be possible.

A portion of orders placed between Jan 15th to Feb 16th have been delayed due to a set of strict regulations regarding the Lunar New Year as well as the holiday itself. Please scroll down to the end of this post to see the full announcement from January 15th.

Please note that depending on your location and the COVID-19 situation in your country or city, there may be further delays.

We ask for your patience and understanding. Health comes first! Please stay safe~ ♥ (●'◡'●)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Best health and wishes to you and your family as well,

Lianox Founders



Update from Jan 15th:

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is approaching. Traditionally during Spring Festival, families gather together for a week. This of course can lead to the Coronavirus spreading rapidly and the Chinese Government has enacted a set of strict regulations to combat this:

Currently, only some of our logistics team members are allowed to go to work. Factories and logistics services are shutting down or working with limited workforce. Therefore, we expect a delay of 30 business days for orders placed between now and mid February. We are extremely sorry about this. 

Our team is working very hard, but we have to comply with government restrictions. The pandemic is a unique situation and while we understand waiting is no fun -- we ask for your understanding and patience. Health and safety of people comes first! ☆ ~('▽^人)

Our logistics staff is doing its best but unfortunately there is no way for us to avoid delays this month. Orders placed before Jan 15th should still be shipped out normally and arrive with no or minor delay.

We expect the delays to be over within one month. We invite you to shop with us then! For March, we have scheduled a large amount of product launches, so there will be a massive amount of new items! We'll also be hosting a HUGE sale. So check back with us then!

Don't mind waiting? You can still of course place orders, and we will do our best to get them shipped asap. Portion of the orders will arrive without a delay, but please be patient if you place an order between Jan 15th and Feb 16th.

Stay safe! ♥

Lianox Founders


  • Jaqueline Diaz

    That is so sweet!

  • Isabel Rocha

    Thank you for responding , I don’t have number for my order , but if you can provide this I will greatly appreciated it , I ordered a black t shirt , something like " a cup of tea , with some suga " something like that and some photocards of the boys , and some Jimins , and V rings . I’m 73 , I ordered this for my granddaughter , , but I do believe this boys have gone a long way and with alot of hard work they have gotten to where they are , I take off my hat for them, they are awesome human beings, V is the love of my granddaughter’s life, but there’s so many young girls like her in the world .God bless them .

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