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Stop Asian Hate

This week (March 22 until March 27 of 2021) we will be donating a portion (1%) of ALL sales to Heart of Dinner

Heart of Dinner is a wonderful charity delivering meals to Asian elders in NYC. The meals are sourced from local food businesses and the charity works through volunteers.

The Asian and Pacific Islander communities and individuals have suffered horrific and violent attacks around the world and face growing xenophobia and racism in the west. Over the past weeks in particular, there has been a rise of anti-Asian violence, particularly targeting Asian elderly across the US. 

It is important to note that the recent hate crimes are not something new, but symptoms of a deeper issue. The AAPI community has been subject to xenophobia and racism well before COVID-19.

As we look at the media, we are saddened by the lack of coverage and discussion around these serious issues.

But we alone can't do much. Here is what you can do to help AAPI communities right now:

🌸 Raise awareness, speak up and condemn anti-Asian racism.

🌸 Support, donate and volunteer with organizations actively fighting against AAPI racism:

🌸 Support local Asian-owned businesses. 

🌸 Educate yourself about the history of racism and xenophobia towards the AAPI communities and inviduals: 

🌸 Ask your Asian friends and family members if they are comfortable sharing their experience with you, how they are feeling and how you can help.


The Lianox Community stands united against racism and xenophobia worldwide.

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