Do you want to promote Lianox and earn some money?
Due to high demand, we have created an easy way to do this! 😊
It is as simple as these 3 steps:

1. You sign up here.
2. You get your personal 10% off coupon code/link.
3. Whenever someone uses your coupon code or purchases items through your link, you get a 10% cut of this order.



      Additional info:

      We will pay your cut with PayPal or normal bank transfer. We highly prefer PayPal since it is much easier and faster! Please contact us to have a chat about your preferred payment method and plan.

      For the Lianox promotion system, we use the platform This platform has an implemented dashboard which allows you to monitor any activity through your link/code. You can see clicks and orders in real time!

      Some tips on how to promote:

      Of course, you decide how you want to advertise for Lianox. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, wherever your audience is - the choice is yours!

      Our recommendation:

      • Links in your social media bio(s) or your description boxes on YouTube
      • Mentioning your link and coupon code briefly at the start or at the end of a video HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
      • Posts with pictures including your link and coupon code
      • Be transparent. Tell your fans that this is a way for them to support you, and that you earn a % of the sales. Be honest! Your community adores you, and wants to support you.
      • Hauls / unboxing videos including your link and coupon code
      • Giveaways including your link and coupon code (we are willing to sponsor digital giftcards for our more advanced influencers - contact us!)

      When registering with, you receive a coupon code as well as a referral link. We would recommend to put both when doing promotions for Lianox.


      If you are not sure about whether what you are planning is appropriate, you can always contact us via live chat, via Instagram, or via email ( 🤗 


      We also appreciate a lot when you drop us a short message to introduce yourself including the channels you want to advertise on! :)