Why is BTS so popular?

BTS is burning! 🔥

The seven boys from Big Hit Entertainment rock national and international stages, making the K-Pop fandom grow each day, raising more and more awareness for the genre.

Why is that though? 🤔 There are several awesome K-Pop boy groups who have been in business for long, all talented with unique personalities – but BTS seems to take the cake. What makes Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, and their leader Rap Monster stand out so much?

We have come up with 7 points that might be the key for their huge international success!

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1. BTS‘ music is not oldschool K-Pop.

    BTS Bulletproof


    Who is a long time ARMY here? If you are, you probably know how back in the day BTS was more of a Hip Hop group, heavily influenced by oldschool Western Hip Hop (see "No More Dream" or "We are Bulletproof"). Nowadays, their music has a more upbeat pop-y feel to it, but they manage to still maintain the forcefulness and electro vibes from their Hip Hop past. It’s this mash up of genres that make BTS quite different from oldschool K-Pop. Their collaboration with Steve-O for "Mic Drop" remix has probably proven to anyone in doubt that BTS is perfectly able to do Western style music. And be darn good at it.


    2. BTS members are rather masculine.



    Do you remember the phases where Ren from NU‘EST and Taemin from SHINee left people confused because they were SO pretty? Korean beauty trends for men (and women too!) change all the time, but the feminine style for males is more common in the South Korean entertainment industry than in the West, particularly in oldschool K-Pop. BTS however, has never done any of that (and no, fetus Jungkook does not count as girly!), and therefore eliminated the confusion these style choices sometimes cause to international audiences. Since debut, they have remained with rather masculine styles, fitting their boyish concept about friendship which has evolved to be more and more dramatic as time went by. They are the "Bulletproof Boyscouts" after all. 


    3. BTS has an awesome relationship with their fans.



    Many K-Pop groups have outstanding bonds with their fans, and so does BTS. Because BTS has such a huge fandom and is surrounded by cameras 24/7, there seems to be an endless number of videos that show their cute and playful interactions with ARMY at fan signs. Don’t deny it, you have been watching this one video where Jimin lovingly touches the hands of this one fan several times too. 🙏


    4. … and even international fans don’t feel left out.


    If you are a fan of other K-Pop groups as well, you know the struggle: They don’t understand you, you don’t understand them. There is always this little invisible wall between you and your bias(es), even if you sit down on your butt and learn Korean… Language barrier. BTS has efficiently broken down this wall – because Namjoon aka Rap Monster speaks perfect English, and the other BTS members seem to learn bit by bit as well. This allows them to be on international TV shows (mostly) without any awkwardness at all, including their international fans on a level that is just not possible for most K-Pop groups.


    5. BTS does a LOT for their fans and is very active on social media.



    Back in the day, only very little K-Pop groups and idols had an Instagram account – today, quite many have been posting selcas on their socials, but BTS is on another level. There’s literally endless hours of BTS material to watch online. Ever since 2013, they post so-called BANGTAN BOMBS on their YouTube channel BANGTANTV, showcasing funny videos and other random stuff. As mentioned, at that point in time, that was rather new. Funny moments among K-Pop group members are usually something that is kept from the public. BTS has never been afraid to share their weirdest moments that have by now turned to our beloved classic BTS memes. They haven’t won the Top Social Artist award for nothing!


    6. Big Hit does an overall excellent job at marketing BTS overseas.



    Over the last years, it has become more common that K-Pop groups tour countries outside Asia, but it’s definitely not the norm. Big Hit is one of the first Korean entertainment companies that actively promote in TV shows outside Asia. Usually, it’s celebrities like Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran that sit with Ellen DeGeneres, talking about their newest albums and singles. Now BTS lines up with them! It is safe to say that ever since the Billboard Music Awards 2018, everyone knows their faces. Are you also still wishing for a BTS carpool with James Corden? We definitely are.


    7. Hands down: BTS makes good music.



    In the face of lip syncing and singing technique debates, we are still sure about one thing though: BTS‘ songs are well-made with awesome lyrics that speak to a crazy big audience. Their music videos and overall concept are of extremely high production value, telling deep stories and touching on topics that are usually not talked about in common K-Pop lyrics, such as bullying or politics. Big Hit and BTS seem to improve with every single comeback, and we hope there are more excellent performances and songs to come in the future!


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    May 26, 2018


    A random potato

    A random potato said:

    BTS are famous because they are different than other artists. Most artists, no offense, are total snobs.
    They think they’re immortal and they think they’re gods. But with their enormous fame, they still manage to be humble and they know they’re still human. They’re also extremely relaxed and relatable people and that makes them different.

    a bts fan

    a bts fan said:


    Evelyn Erdbeer

    Evelyn Erdbeer said:

    I can relate enormously to the struggles of being an international fan. Not many in my social environment are aware of the K-Pop genre or even BTS. I have to say that BTS and their music is the reason I have taken a completely new interest in music. Performances of K-Pop artists motivated me to start dancing and so I have found a new passion. Shout out to you: Keep posting, I will read and leave comments ;)

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