Meet creators: flowtaee

Meet creators: flowtaee

Are you someone who loves K-Pop dances? Have you ever played a K-Pop random dance challenge game on YouTube? Then you might have stumbled upon William, also known as flowtaee, who creates K-Pop random dance challenges of our favorite K-Pop songs and performances!
flowtaee is actually a rather new creator in the YouTube scene of interactive K-Pop videos, but here's the thing: Only in a couple of months, William has gathered more than 80.000 subscribers! His videos are known to be high quality, covering a large amount of different K-Pop artists. If you're into K-Pop dances, subscribing to flowtaee is a must~
He is also quite active on Instagram where he gets much love from his fanbase. ^_^

Meet William, and get to know him more!

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Please introduce yourself!

William: Hi guys, my name is William, but maybe you know me as flowtaee. I'm a 17 years old YouTuber and passionate K-Pop fanboy! I'm half French and Half Chinese/Vietnamese.

What kind of videos are you creating on your channel? 

William: My channel is all about K-Pop and me, I mainly do K-Pop random dances. Thank you for always supporting my work!

How and when did you start with YouTube? 

William: You will never believe me. I started YouTube only five months ago and got to 60.000 subscrbers in this period. This is unimaginable and so incredible! I started out with a little K-Pop random dance challenge, and I really didn't expect that a lot of people will like it... Now some of my random dances get a million views. I post videos for fun and when I think it is a good moment to post. I like to be close with my subscribers!

How and when did you get into K-Pop?

William: This is a really good question. A little over a year ago, "Save me" by BTS radically changed my whole life. Before, I was like "K-Pop is bad, they are all the same"... One week after listening to "Save me", I knew all the BTS members, haha :D

Who's your ultimate bias and why?

William: I have 3 ultimate biases. Ever since the beginning, I have liked Bambam of GOT7, and I met him one month ago. He shook my hand and wore my crown saying "BamBam, King of Dab", I still cannot believe it! My second bias is Lucas of NCT, he came and wrecked my whole bias list this year. And of course Taehyhung from BTS, my first love. ♥

What are your favorite K-Pop groups and songs recently?

William: My favorite groups are BTS, GOT7, and NCT. I love Twice and Wanna One so much too, and I'm also excited for EXO's comeback. I'm a multifandom fanboy :') Currently, "Boss" by NCT U is my favorite song.

If you could choose to look like any female or male idol, who would you like to look like?

William: People say that I look like Lucas or Taehyung. Honestly, I would love to! What do you think?

What would you like to tell all K-Pop fans worldwide?

William: Be yourself and enjoy K-Pop. Last thing: Thanks to Lianox! ♥

William's hard work is greatly appreciated by us, and all fans watching his videos. Check out William's channel flowtaee, and dance the night away! (Yep, we just planted a song in your head, again. You're welcome :P)

If you want to support William even more, use his code FLOWTAEE at checkout to get 10% off! He benefits from every purchase made with this code.

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July 21, 2018