Sentences every K-Pop fan is sick of hearing

How often have you looked at people like Taemin does on the cover photo of this article? 😩 Some people are obnoxious when it comes to cultural things they just don't get.

We have compiled the 6 most annoying statements every K-Pop fan has probably heard at some point!


1. They all look the same.

While the industry of K-Pop obviously follows Korean beauty trends so that stylists and companies might make similar style choices for idols, this is usually NOT referring to their clothes, but to their Asian heritage. It is indeed a learnable skill. We can't help but find this statement rather racist, even if it's usually not said with this purpose. Fun fact: Koreans usually have the same struggles differentiating between Caucasian faces!


2. They look like girls.

In another article, we talked about the phases where Taemin and Ren were dressed and styled in very feminine ways. The feminine style for men is not necessarily part of K-Pop, but it's not uncommon. Even though the recent trend has been to bulk up (see Wonho from Monsta X!), this sentence remains strong and annoying as ever. Let's be honest though, doesn't this statement just mean that idols are extraordinary pretty? Nothing wrong with that!


3. They are gay.

If someone says that as an insult, they are definitely not worth your time - using sexual orientation as an insult is just plain stupid.
On another note, there is nothing wrong with it if idols were homosexual. Just recently, we witnessed the debut of the first openly gay idol Holland!


4. Why are there so many?

It is common for K-Pop groups to have more than ten members. This is unheard of in the West, where groups usually consist of four to six members max. Why is that though? This might be deeply rooted in society structures - Asian countries act more as a collective while in the West, individuality is one of the most important values. We think: The more, the merrier!


5. But you don't understand them!

You encounter this one quite often. It is indeed a rather weird argument when you are not from an English speaking country, because chances are that most people there do not even fully understand the music on their radio. Therefore, this argument is just invalid. Music has no language! (Plus: Yay to subtitles!)


6. Korean, Chinese, Japanese... It's all the same.

This one frequently makes us facepalm. Not only is this statement racist, but it clearly shows the speaker's lack of knowledge about Asian countries, cultures, and languages. As Haeppy from We Fancy once said - if you cannot differentiate between these languages, then you're simply uneducated, period. Really, they do sound nothing alike and do not look alike either...


Is there more you would like to add? Let us know in the comments! We'll make a part 2 with your ideas!


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May 28, 2018


Rhosyn McMahon

Rhosyn McMahon said:

When I first saw and heard K-Pop I was guilty of some of these comments and I tried to be open-minded about it, but now I love it’s amazing and honestly my opinion is they should educate more about foreign cultures and languages and such so hopefully people won’t make the same mistake again.

Evelyn Erdbeer

Evelyn Erdbeer said:

One obvious thing would be the accusation of K-Pop idols lip-syncing during live perforamnces, however we know that it is not true, as they have trained hard to be standing on a stage and are indeed are skillfull. Overall evey idols performing skills are outstanding and should be appreciated. (Yes, I am Aware that they as well lip-sync at some Performances)

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