Meet creators: Kpop Planet
If you're into interactive K-Pop games on YouTube, you have most likely clicked on one of Kpop Planet's videos at some point. Have you ever wondered who runs it?
It is a girl named Vanessa who has created all these high quality games for K-Pop fans, soon reaching 200.000 subscribers, and counting! 👌

Among the classic K-Pop guessing games, she also does a lot of K-Pop challenges, or videos like "K-Pop Songs For a Rainy Day". Vanessa creates, edits, and posts these videos, and while most of us enjoy this awesome content on the daily, we usually do not really know who is behind all of these videos. Meet Vanessa, and get to know her a bit more!

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Please introduce yourself!

Vanessa: Hello everyone! My name is Vanessa and I have a YouTube channel called Kpop Planet. I am currently 19 years old (actually almost 20) and I am from Toronto, Canada.

What kind of videos are you creating on your channel? 

Vanessa: I make a variety of different videos on my channel including K-Pop games, song playlists and K-Pop Try-not-to-laugh challenges. I always try to give a lot of love to many group and artists in my videos which my viewers like a lot!

How and when did you start with YouTube? 

Vanessa: I started making videos back in 2015 just because I was bored one day, but I ended up really enjoying editing and I started to gain an audience. I am now a fulltime YouTuber and I couldn't be happier.

How and when did you get into K-Pop?

Vanessa: I first discovered K-Pop in 2015 when I was watching a Fine Brothers YouTube video. They had teenagers reacting to "Call Me Baby" by EXO and within the first 20 seconds of the song, I fell in love. After this, I went and looked up all of EXO's other music videos and fell even more in love. I was only listening to EXO for a couple of months, and I didn't really know about any other groups and artists until around September of that same year. This is when I fully got into K-Pop, and ever since then my music library has been dominated by various different K-Pop groups and artists.

Who's your ultimate bias and why?

Vanessa: My ultimate bias is definitely Lay from EXO. He was the first person who caught my eye when I first discovered K-Pop. I really admire how kind and hardworking he is.

What are your favorite K-Pop groups and songs recently?

Vanessa: Recently, I have really been enjoying groups like Pentagon and SHINee (who are actually one of my favourite K-Pop groups ever). As for songs, of course "Shine" by Pentagon has been on repeat, and SHINee's most recent albums with songs like "Chemistry" and "All Day All Night". I have also been listening to a song called "Upside Down" by Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Loco and Gray a lot recently which I highly recommend. 😊

If you could choose to look like any female or male idol, who would you like to look like?

Vanessa: If I could look like any idol, I would probably choose either Hyolyn or Joy from Red Velvet. However, if I was a boy, I would choose someone like Dean or Kikwang from Beast/Highlight.

What would you like to tell all K-Pop fans worldwide?

Vanessa: One thing that I would like to tell all K-pop fans worldwide is that you shouldn't be embarrassed about listening to K-Pop. Sure, some people won't understand the appeal and may make jokes about it, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is what you like. It is just music after all, and I think it's pretty amazing that K-Pop is introducing people to a whole new culture that some might have not known much about before! 😊

Vanessa's hard work is greatly appreciated by us, and all fans watching her videos. Check out Vanessa's channel Kpop Planet, chill with some K-Pop games, or have a laugh doing her challenges. 😄

If you want to support Vanessa even more, use her code KPOPPLANET at checkout to get 10% off! She benefits from every purchase made with this code.

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June 29, 2018


Sanna from Lianox

Sanna from Lianox said:

Thank you for your comments! We will make sure Vanessa sees them :) ♥


Lorin said:

Vanessa: I really like your videos! I watch them a lot. Please keep making videos! I live in Canada too, it’s nice to find another Canadian Kpop fan.

Evelyn Erdbeer

Evelyn Erdbeer said:

@ Vanessa: Thank you for your videos! They are amazingly edited (having to admit as I have some experience in that as well) and after some rough days I greatly enjoy your playlists recommended on your channel. Just lie down and relax.

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