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We have tables with estimated measurements on each product page which contain measurements for chest/bust, shoulders, total length, and sleeve length. 

To prevent complicated return processes, we would therefore kindly ask you to please measure yourself before ordering. Note that questions like "I am a US size X, should I buy size Y on Lianox?" are impossible to answer. The fits of clothing pieces are different from product to product and you might have a different size for each piece you order. So, again: Please, measure yourself and determine your size for each product!

Some more information and tips:

- When a product is "One Size", it does not mean "one size fits all", it means that this particular product is only available in one single size -- the measurements for these are always on the product page. Asian sizes are smaller than European or American sizes, so for most products, it is perfectly normal to go up one or two sizes. For an oversized fit, as seen on most our model pictures, please generously size up.

- The measurements are the measurements of the garment, NOT your body. Example: If your bust is 110cm, you should not buy a garment that states 110cm as a bust measurement -- that would be a skintight fit (or not fit at all).

Chest/bust is the circumference measured at the broadest part of your chest area.
Chest/bust width is measured across your torso from one armit to the other.

Waist is the circumference measured at the tiniest part of your waist.
Waist width is measured from one waist side to the other.

Shoulders are measured from one shoulder to the other, or sometimes from the middle of the neck to one shoulder side.

Total length is measured from your shoulder downwards or, for pants, from the waist band downwards.

Sleeve length is measured from your shoulder down your arm.

Because of the distance our boxes travel, the package and the product might become slightly wrinkled during transport. Don't worry, your products should be fine! When your products are fragile, our delivery services usually put a lot of bubble paper in to make sure everything is secure.

Clothing pieces are very tightly folded to send them in the smallest parcels possible. We would recommend carefully steaming/ironing them on the lowest heat setting once you get them!

In case your product is damaged or doesn't work properly for whatever reason, please contact us. 

We order clothes directly from the manufacturer to our warehouse that is near by to the factories and ship directly from there to customers, instead of first shipping them to another warehouse or various logistics centers and retailers like many other fashion companies do.

Shipping clothes around is extremely taxing on the environment, so our direct approach is a way better alternative environmentally. We choose pieces constructured from materials that follow our sustainability criteria whenever possible and work actively on reducing emissions and ensuring that Lianox and the products sold on Lianox are as sustainable and ethical as possible.

We work with hand-picked manufacturers and retailers throughout Asia. We curate a careful selection of trendy fashion pieces from brands that allign not only with our sense of aesthetics but also our set of values.

All of our clothes are ethically manufactured. The brands and factories we work with take good care of their employees, providing them with modern working conditions and fair compensation.

For the longest durability, we advise to handwash products and turn them inside-out before every washing to protect prints and patterns from fading. 

Some products will have washing instruction printed on the label tags which you may follow as well. 

Most of the time, it is advised to wash at or below 30°C to keep the product from shrinking. Do NOT put products into the dryer.

We provide you with measurements for every single clothing product we have, so you can easily just measure yourself and see if the product of your choice would work for your body! There is usually absolutely no problem with hoodies and shirts. You will most likely have to pick one or two sizes up. Contact us if you need more advice :)

You can also search for "boys" - we have tagged some products which we think would work well for a male body! 


We ship to all countries directly from Asia with free shipping. We are unable to ship to some remote islands, parts of Africa as well as a handful of other countries. For a list of countries we cannot ship to you can view this page. In case you place an order and we cannot ship to your location, we will automatically cancel the order and provide you with a refund.

We offer FREE shipping on orders over €45 EUR ($47 USD).

For orders under that threshold, shipping is 4.80€ EUR/$5 USD.

Duties/VAT are always included in the prices of the products. You will NOT have to pay them separately. 


After ordering, we will process your order and ship it out within the next 2-7 business days. 

Generally, orders are delivered within 12-20 business days after they have been shipped out - though, shipping times may vary depending on where you live and the carriers available. You can read more about this on our shipping policy page. Click here to read it!

Please note that there may be minor delays due to the ongoing pandemic. Stay safe! ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶

When shipping across country borders, it might happen that you need to pay a fee for importing your ordered products from China into your country. This process is regulated by your country's laws and not related to Lianox nor our affiliates. We recommend educating yourself by looking at the corresponding service pages of your country's government. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

For countries that are part of the European Union*: Lianox will pre-pay import tax for your order through the IOSS program, so that you will not be charged value added tax (VAT) upon import. Depending on your country, it is possible that there may be other post-, customs- or import-related fees applicable, especially for larger orders (over 350 EUR). Again, we recommend educating yourself by looking at the corresponding service pages of your country's government.

According to our Terms of Services, the customer consents to pay any taxes or (handling) fees to receive their products. These fees are regulated by your country's law and not related to Lianox.

*🌍 EU countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

🌎 Non-EU countries:
Everything else, INCLUDING The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Australia, Canada & many more.
Click on "Non-EU countries" for a full list, you can use CTRL-F on the website to find your country quickly!

Keep in mind that the change in VAT regulations for EU imports is very new. (Click here to read more about it on the official EU website.) For orders placed before the 1st of July 2021 EU customers might still need to pay VAT.

Do not be alarmed, this is normal! Because we sometimes get items from different suppliers, it can happen that different products arrive in different packages at different times.

Please, make sure to check the label of the parcel to see what is supposed to be in the particular package. If the items do not match the items on the label, please contact customer support.

Please, immediately send us an email to! Make sure to attach your name and order number.

When we find possible mistakes or obvious typos in shipping details, we will contact you about it. We would ask you to keep an eye on the email you provided for your order, so that we can stay in touch with you, just in case!

If we fail to contact you within 14 days after ordering, we will NOT process your order and refund your money.

Unfortunately, this is not possible, as we ship with international mail directly from Asia.
We ship directly via a partner Asian warehouse to keep our prices low and reduce CO2 emissions caused by shipping goods around different warehouses.

You can pay with any major credit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro) or debit card, or with your PayPal account. We also offer Klarna, Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Different countries use different currencies. Usually, our website will automatically convert currencies to the currency used in the country you are located in when browsing our store.

Nevertheless, during checkout, the prices will be displayed in Euro (€), since we are based in Europe, and this is our default currency.

The actual money you pay us for your products will be automatically converted into the corresponding amount. If you still want to manually find out about currencies and conversion rates, please use Google.

If you pay via invoice and/or in installments, please be aware that you are entering a payment agreement with a company that is not us. You need to pay Klarna or Sezzle according to the conditions and the payment terms they set for you. As our shipping times are generally longer than the default payment deadlines set by Klarna and Sezzle, paying via invoice does not mean that you pay after you receive your products. We would always recommend to pay invoices in a timely manner to avoid dunning fees. We cannot refund any dunning fees.


If you are quick, we may be able to cancel your order before it has been processed! Please email us as soon as possible at We cannot cancel orders that are more than 10 hours old.

You can read more about refunds here.

We unfortunately cannot permit direct exchanges since returning the items to Asia to get them in another size is long and complicated.

In this case, we would suggest to return your products to us, and then order again with your desired size.

This is why we ask you to make sure to select the correct size by measuring yourself before ordering!
We have tables with estimated measurements on each product page which contain measurements for chest/bust, shoulders, total length, and sleeve length. If you need more help, do not hesitate to contact us. ♥

Call for Sustainability: We would also be happy if you considered reselling the clothes by yourself instead of returning them to us via mail. Sending around parcels over country borders is taxing on the environment and (depending on location and carrier service) you might pay more for shipping than what the item is worth.

You can read more about refunds here.

Damages: If there are obvious damages, such as holes, please contact us, and we will look into it further! If an item arrives completely defective, you are eligible for a refund. Please, contact us.

Color: Be aware that monitors and screens are different and colors may look different from device to device; products may look different in real life. If a product has multiple color variants and you received the wrong color, it might be that there was a mistake when packing your order, please contact us, we will send you the correct one immediately, no questions asked. ♥

Material: You can find the fabric type on each product page. In case you do not like the material, you may return your item to us and receive a refund (see return policy).

Size: All our product pages have sizing charts - please, use them! Asian sizes are significantly smaller than US or EU sizes. The sizing charts show you the measurements of the clothing piece. More about sizing can be found above in the section "How do I know my size?". If something does not fit, you may return it to us and receive a refund (see return policy), but we cannot give you a refund without receiving the product back. When a product is "One Size", it does not mean "one size fits all", it means that this particular product is only available in one single size -- the measurements for these are always on the product page. If you received a size that you did not order, there might have been a mistake when packing your order. Please, contact us and we will send the right size on its way!

Threads/Closed buttons: It is an Asian custom to leave threads hanging and buttonholes sewn shut to indicate that the clothes are newly manufactured and have not been worn before. You can just take sharp scissors and cut off the threads and open the buttonholes! :) If you are planning to return the item, please leave the threads and do not open the buttonholes.

Click here for our refund policy!

Please, also see "There is something wrong with my product(s)" above.

Lianox was founded in 2017 to democratize access to Asian goods worldwide. We fell in love with Asian Fashion due to its unique diversity in aesthetics – it allowed us to express ourselves in the exact way we wanted to. That’s why we wanted to bring it worldwide. Over the years we have grown quite a lot – but our mission remains the same. We want everyone to have access to affordable, high-quality fashion as worn on the streets of Seoul, Tokyo & Beijing. Our company and main offices are located in Germany, with a warehouse in the logistics and manufacturing capital of the world, China. We offer you quick and friendly customer support and an easy return process. Welcome to Lianox!

We are a legitimate European business, founded in 2017.  Our offices are located in Oldenburg, Germany

We make sure ALL orders get delivered. If a package goes missing, you can choose between a refund or reshipment.

We have a flexible return policy, with our returns center being located in Germany.

You can view our community feed to see outfits from Lianoxers featuring our apparel.

Lianox Community Feed (see outfits featuring our clothes):

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Please write us an email to

No, there is no physical Lianox store.
The German address that you see in our imprint and that you can find on Google is an office where returns are received, we do not sell anything there. 

Our customer service and sales team speak fluent English and German.

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